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What is this site?
heyanon is a way for people who are in cool groups or did cool stuff on Ethereum to broadcast messages anonymously on Twitter. These feeds are curated by the @heyanonxyz account, such as the @EthereumOGs feed. Anyone whose participation in a group or historical moment can be verified and then post to the feed. The magic is that you don’t need to reveal your address when you do.

Not even to the site admins.
How does it work?
When you send a message with heyanon, you generate a zero-knowledge proof that you are in a specific group or involved with a certain historical event on-chain. This proof hides all information about your address. The proof is all that is sent to the heyanon backend for verification. Upon verification, the proof is posted to ipfs and your message is sent via the specified event feed bot. The message has with it a verify link that twitter readers can use to inspect the proof themselves. For more, check out our circuits and code at github.
Why does it only work in browser?
The zero-knowledge proofs we’re working with are *really* big. Perhaps the biggest proofs anyone’s tried to create on an end-user device. As such, we’re entering into new territory with heyanon and have only been successful with Google Chrome, Brave, and Safari so far. We’re working on making things work in other web browsers and mobile wallets though!

We could run these proofs on another machine that is more powerful. However, that would come at the cost of user privacy; the server computing the proofs would need to know your address and thus could dox you. Doing everything on your local machine avoids this risk!
How can you contribute or follow along?
Follow @heyanonxyz for updates and new message feeds. Join our discord for misc. discussion.
With <3, the heyanon team.
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